Taipan 3000

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This NG classic has been around for a while, but it was NOT the first user-created NG game as many people seem to think in the reviews. It does have some significance as being the first game to have a front-page icon, but I repeat, was NOT the first NG game.

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Meh. There's not much difference between the difficulty as the only way anyone can feasibly go is minor pirate-killing and major trading. You cannot go fully one or the other (either due to a guns or lack of funds, respectively) and while the game itself is alright, the lack of actual strategy and the reliance on, basically, wishful thinking make it lackluster.

Game is not bad for its time, but has some bugs. 16 years later, I doubt these will get fixed but:

Transferred 87 tons of goods to my hold. Available storage went from 600 to 687.
Tried to get them back on my next trip to deliver to another planet, but it said I didn't have 20 tons in hold. Apparently it added -87 to both cargo and storage, making storage useless.
Sold all of 1 good to planet and then bought 20 tons of another: it took all my cash, leaving me back at 0. (I had paid for partial repairs first.)

Game asks if you want to repair your ship every time you return to New Terra with damage, but partial repairs is always your entire cash on hand. Would have been better if it allowed you to set another value.
Would have been good if you could repair after trading, instead of having to make 2 more jumps to get the repairs.
Would like to have been able to pay the periodic demand after getting cash from trading.
Landing message could have been "come see me" and the menu option could have been to visit him instead of to attack him. Visiting could then offer attacking or paying.
Game started with 5 drones, taking up 50 of the 60 cargo space. Took a couple of battles to kill 1 off so I could have more cargo space.

Conclusion: 16 years ago, this would have gotten more stars, but at this point, it no longer deserves 4 stars, and should drop down the quality list accordingly.


Thats all I can say. This game is too good for words.

Love this game! Port it to Iphone PLEASE!!!

ok i downloaded a game recently from the iphone which is similar in style to this (i really wanted to play this but i was stuck at work)

Basically i love this game and replay it 1-4 times a year lol. great game love it. but PLEASE port it to the Iphone. The similar game that i played i payed $4 for and it would get blamed from newgrounds in a week or 2. it was depressing. if you were to port it over youd make a ton of money! lol seriously id pay like $10 for it.

(if anyone was wondering what game i downloaded it was Dark Nova.. don't buy it its a waste of money and increadably depressing in comparison)


this was before 9/11

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2001
10:04 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature April 19, 2001