Anime Female Tutorial

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here is version 1.0..please give me suggestions for the next one (like how to decrease the filesize)I am hopeing that some artists will see this and want to submit a tutorial for the next version. There are spelling and grammar errors I know...but I worked on this for 5 hours strait..I have never done anything that long at one time. My e-mail is in the tutorial and there is a secret button (it doesnt light up..but its very easy to find)..this is much better than any of my previouse tutorials and I tryed really hard on this so please grade fairly.

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aw c'mon ppl...

its not bad, i mean i see manga drawing books everyday that nearly make me
puke, these are pretty solid basics, it was good and you could learn from
it, i dont see the problem...
also i lol'd at the muffin XD

god dammit, people...

ok, ok... one thing that irks me more than a bad artist is a whole bunch of people who whine and bitch and moan about how terrible somebody is because they think they are soooo great, but still dont have the balls to get out there and make their own tutorials due to their fear of being criticized. i mean, god dammit people, at least respect the balls it took to go ahead and put this up. if you all are such anime experts, go make your own tutorial instead of whining about other peoples work.

and btw, i really didnt like it all that much, but you gave it a shot, keep tryin, you learn somethin new everyday :D


dont know what to say

one word


don't even think of makin' another one!

Well here's the deal, the eyes look like they've been stabbed by a stick, the hair it looks like she's wearing a wig, go on google and type anime girls, look at their hair it's full of lusterous motion, frankly I could do a way better job than you, you call this a tutorial? Don't even get me started with the hands, they look like gorilla hands, next time work on it for like 2 hours a day instead of 5 hours in one day, do yourself a treat and the next time you do decide to make one, watch a anime series first on either youtube or veoh, watch something like love hina, oh my goddess, Chrono Crusade or Fruits Basket.

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Mar 23, 2004
4:44 PM EST