Journey to The Portal

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A new movie has been submitted to Newgrounds. Will it make it to The Portal or will it suffer the same fate as so many horrible flash movies submitted in the past?



Little bit funny, but this was a waste of time...


Not enough humor and/or violence. Sympathy points to ye anyway.

a bit too short, the ideas been done before, 7/10

-the ending seemed as if you forgot to finish it,

-needed more commentary. while its obvious that the swf died, im still left wondering what killed it - running, running, runing, RIP.

-no sense of motion, because your background didnt change, and neither did the cameraangle

-SBC is king of the portal!

I'm not going to fifen, but I will review

-StrawberryClock talked too slow.
-The way you did the ending made it look like you didn't finish making the movie.
-The NG tank's gun was pointed too high.
-A bullet would have been nice.
-When the .fla runs there's not enough motion in the background.

All in all, this was an ok movie. It could have been a lot better though if you had tried harder. I three-en you.


This movie was pretty enjoyable. Drawings were good, and I like the concept, even if not very original. Nice when he met the clockcrew. Good music too, but the end was horrible.

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3.46 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2004
4:51 PM EST
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