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KN: UnRad Ninja 1 [-OLD-]

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Author Comments

-!! OLD MOVIE !!-
This is a movie from my old site. (This is alright. Not great.)
I'm now experimenting more with hand-drawn flash. But don't worry, I'll still be doing the occaisional sprite movie!

First off, this isn't an entry for the VGDC contest, but to be honest, I wish it could've been. It would've saved me a lot of time (sprite ripping & such)
But, the VGDC competition entries and the VGDC version are what inspired me to make this cartoon. It looked like fun to work with a silly ninja kid, and it was.

Heh, the ending is random, no, I didn't run out of ideas, I just didn't want it to drag on like most of my projects. - This took less than 10 hours to do! (Including sprite ripping etc!)

Overall: I'm very pleased. I hope you are too! ENJOY!

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it's ok

i thought the graphics could have used a little work, and there was an over use of fart jokes. a little more senseless violence would be nice. other than that it was great! keep'em comin!

AcidX responds:

I love these movies.
No matter what anyone says.

Yes, i will do a useless revieuw...

Okay, it just shows how much you have inproved....it was short as ell, and just with one background, but i killed some time waching it, i did a little laugh, so its not "BLAM"

Ow yeah, a ten at overall just because i like that number and don't give i much.

AcidX responds:

Loads of people were making Kid Niki movies, and I liked em all so I wanted to give it a shot.

I learnt a lot from doing the 2 KN movies and they kept me interested in flash when I was considering giving it up. Thank god for that ;)


that was alright funny dance tho, nice use of sprites

Ha Ha

OK I didn't care much for the nija gaiden skate thing you did, but this one was a little funnier, and I like Kid Niki (it was my buddy's favorite game, God Bless His Soul)
and I wasn't expecting that crazy little dance or the fart, ha ha! You should do something that involves different games and make it linger.....might get a better response from people! But either way I mark people pretty hard so I can only give you a 6, thanx for the laugh!

AcidX responds:

Thanks ^_^
Nice to see you checked out my other movies, and didn't just say 'YOU SUCK' to me. Like most people in this place ;¬\

Hmm. . . .

Well, this one had promise at the begining. But once again, i don't see the enjoyment of fart jokes being used that often, it's grade school humor that just isn't funny on any level anymore, especially in this context.

The animation was smooth and the sprites all seemd in working order but you added needless gore, i don't see much humor once again in taking a moderately cute character and tearing them from limb to limb.

You have the talent, i think you can do better then this.

Sorry, just giving you a slice of this all.

AcidX responds:

K, first off, about the sprites, Acutally I did rip them. I was too late to get the .fla for a start, I've got the sprites stored in a folder on my Hard Drive
So... Hah!
And if you're really bored, you can stop the animation whilst it's playing, and compare my edited sprites, and normal ripped ones to those at VGDC, and you will see that mine are different in colour and edited differently... So Hah.... Again

As for the guy saying there wasn't enough violence:
Yes, there was, the violence was excessive, but you were after action, I understand yes, but still. You were wrong.
The guy who asked how I could take cute characters and tear them apart:
I advise you shut up.
The guy who was actually half normal and said that parodies like this aren't meant to have a plot:
You see, the game Kid Niki didn't have much of a plot anyway, a kid without ninja powers... But he was a ninja. o_O Indeed.

Kk Peace out.

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2004
9:51 AM EST