Hanoi John

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Me and a friend decided to make this film 3 weeks ago, using with the premission the work of the www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnkerry.com platform to make this movie. Finally the people can know what exactly happend after he was discharged from the Navy. All I have to say is this, What kind of man sells out his comrades for poltical power? John Kerry's speech defined Vietnam Veterans as drug users, murderers, rapists, and psychopaths. Is it fair that the testimony of one individual define a group of people?

An addtional link to the video is to http://angrygunowners.org/kerry/

My email is deznull@hush.com if you have any questions.

Now enjoy the movie!

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We could have WON Vietnam!

If it wasn't for damn hippies and reporters who started freaking out after the Tet Offense, where we had LESS THAN 10,000 casualties, while the NVA and the VC lost MORE THAN 100,000, and was at their lowest point.

Not bad though...

The animation is good. It tells us about the war between the US and Vietnam. But anyway, Kerry is just trying to save the lives of the Americans and the Viets for being victims of the war.
Cheers for the effort dude. Bravo!!!

That commie...

HAH! I KNEW IT! that bastard IS a vc...man, i cant believe he marched with a vc flag...kerry is a bastard amazing flash you are the best



I knew John Kerry was a traitor.

That is why I didn't want him to win last year's election, it's not like I favored Bush any better, I just simply didn't trust John Kerry as being president, sure his war service was heroic, but the fact that he later turned against our troops during that time made me not want Kerry as president. He lost the election but apparently a lot of people then, had the view "anything but Bush"

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3.06 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2004
6:28 PM EST
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