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Well, here's to all, my Alien Hominid Tribute, inspired by Luis's "TT Loser Edition". Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Thanks to Tom Fulp and synj for creating that little dude. Most of the sounds were found on flashkit. Review please. [[ Little update, the button AP at the end now works ]].

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This movie is great.Please make a sequel man.


yes ur right ever since i made my account the bugger has been on nearly every page of ng but do i care NO! least we know were not alone out there

alexsmolik responds:

That's the spirit dude !
AH is a very huge thing on the internet, and in real life too apparently, since they made a game of of it. I personally never managed to get pass level 1... haha.
And yeah, we're not alone ...
Thanks for the review,


yeah not that great good try though

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks !
I did my best =$
Thanks for the review.

im being a bit rough

ok this as a very big rip off of the real thing. 1 it is a movie the real thing is a game. 2they look fruity. 3 his gun looks like its a machine gun on crack. 4 his spaceship looks a a dog made it. and 4. why do i bother with for. in the words of the book frankenstien. "destroy the beast"

alexsmolik responds:

It's not a rip off, it's a tribute.

You know what a tribute is man? It's something that looks like the real thing, made to show your love to the thing you're copying... Of course my characters won't look as good as synj's, same goes with the gun and the spaceship. I'm not Dan, I'm not an artist nor an animator, just some bored teenager who happens to know how to use flash and how to draw a little bit.

That being said, to you, it's seem easy to draw on flash and to actually animate something. So please, feel free to submit your work on NG, and then I would gladly review it. Give me a shout when that happens.



Good: The alien hominid tribute

Bad: The look of the Hominid

The one that repeated: The beginning of the stage in the original

alexsmolik responds:

Hey, glad you rather liked it I guess.
I know I can't reproduce Synj's Alien Hominid to the perfection but hey, it wasn't that bad, right ? :P
Thanks for the review,

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2004
1:22 PM EST