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Forces Of Nature

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I don't submit as often as i would like to, so be thankful ya guys got anything

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@stevetherapper dude, it was 2004, there was no such thing as "professional flash animator" on newgrounds. tho this looks good


Honestly, I’m pretty speechless after watching this at this point.

The animation was mediocre, the music was pretty homo, and the earth shots (besides the ones at the beginning and the end) were just plain filler. The smoke girl isn’t even that cute, and I don’t get how fishes and juggling rocks can get you a girl. However I do see how flowers can get you bitches and hoes, but I don’t know why Smoke Girl kills off WaterBoy, TreeBranch, and RockMan by flying over them. Hell, I don’t even get how that can happen, especially since SmokeGirl flew over WaterBoy and he was ok with that? WTF???

Not a bad animation, but it could be better.


Love the art in this

That was awsome, the art alone would get great scores, the animation was smooth, and some cool effects came along with it, lots of talent was used to make this great work of effort, nice work, i hope to see more soon but honestly the art in this one was pretty intense.

great art style no changes needed.


This didn't look like much at first. It turned out to be a lot better than I thought! I get that a lot lately. You would still make even better stuff later. I love your art style. It reminds me of Jhonen Vasquez.

Well, you did an "Invader Zim" parody. This was mostly a music video. A lot of submissions are like that. Didn't know sludge could hurt rock. Well, I'm not a geologist.


I have to tell ya, it's not the BEST piece of work i've seen from you. It is good though, too sudden of an ending though.