Army Men Attack (A.W.O.L)

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Wow! some people are harsh on here when someone takes a little different direction. This film wasn't meant to be serious or the animation super impressive... I've spent the last few months working on a film that I did that with and will be complete soon. This is just supposed to be a humorous thing to watch. To the people who saw the humor in it and enjoyed it, More Power To Ya! Some people need to get over themselves when they haven't even made a single movie and realize that artists aren't going to sit around working for months on every single movie they make. Anyhow's feel free to check this out, I had fun making it. Comments are always welcome!

Nate Johnson



Probably the only good thing about this movie is the speech the solder makes before killing that dude and i like the other sounds but im not a huge fan of flash with loads of photos in i prefer cartoony type stuff and he could have killed more people and it cud ave been longer, but still good. Its more of a comic strip than an animation but i like dat.

Wow is it just me or...

does this guys movies r always violent?


Yea man Forgit people like Keizer(or how ever u spell it) U should defenetly listen ta people like H-hon....U r so right H-hon...Keizer is just a lil But Mongural...... yea!!!!!........ thats it!!!!......thats exactly what he is a Big ass But Mongural....Tehe^_^.....Any way I liked it I thought it was Halairious!!!Tehe^+^ Keep um comein baby!!Tehe^_~

Nice man...nice

But i have to say to Keizer. ahem SHUT THE FUCK UP you have been voting 0 on everything on nate's flash and not only have you made him feel sad also it shows how incedibly sad you are Keizer so if you don't stop behaving like a 5 years old boy then just stop riding this shit god damn im so sick of you!!!

anyway don't listen to him Good flash nate

mchawking responds:

thanks man!


why was he killin his own guys?

mchawking responds:

he's awol

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2.48 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2004
6:30 PM EST
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