PICONJO Jam #6/6

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well, its oen final (fantasy) Piconjo jam.!!

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i saw the first movie and i didnt even want to watch anymore that was sick and perverted

LegendaryFrog's gave me an erect penis! ^__^

The other's were good. But LegendaryFrog's was SOOOOO GEWD! IT MADE ME HAPPY IN MY PEE PEE PLACE!



This was one of your best works! Legendaryfrog's was hilarious, and I enjoyed the FF reference ;-) There was a lot of saix though :o Lolz. Mindchamber's was a funny CS parody but why did Piconjo have to die? D': It was also a bit short and you could have done a bit more with the characters. It would have been neat to see a CS (Piconjo and friends) vs. Terrs (LegendaryFrog and Toadies) standoff. Brian364's was pretty amusing but I don't see why you needed Pete & Pete music or why Piconjo was performing oral sex acts with P-bot either... It was so weird it was funny, I guess. :) Do you always need to boast about j00r p3n0r? Rofl waffle! And finally, there was TzeroMMY's one... Now this was original. A Piconjo dress up game is something we've been needing for a hell of a long time! Could've used some more clothing and guns though, and maybe the ability to send him into battle with LF or something to pwn him, rofl. :D 5/5 for this excellent compilation!

P.S. TigerChick, your review was good and all, but:

a) This stuff ain't talentless and shameful, it's pure ninjer-pwning 1337ness!
b) Piconjo and co. are superb flash artists and I don't think you have the right to judge him so harshly. For instance:

Flash by Tiger_Chick:
- none -

See? ;-p
c) I don't believe Piconjo's ripped off anything. If anything, teh werld is against Piconjo and he still triumphs and pwns j00!
d) Piconjo's music is sexhy and his 1337speak is very fluent! Don't envy him ;( And I don't even know what you mean by "plastering around the screen".
e) If Piconjo's work bores you (which it shouldn't) why do you watch and review it? ;o

and finally:

f) You're not the only one who can waste their time on bigass reviews y'know. >:)

in a nutshell...

Man, I really am running out of things to say about this! They are just all the same old talentless shameful stuff.
So I'll make this short and clear for you, in a nutshell:
Another bad collection of mini movies by a bunch of very bad authors who spent about 1 minute each on their movies, all equally bad as each other featuring a rip off of pico stick character that is badly drawn and has a grey face. Lame music and very lame 'Internet slang' with text like 'Omg Piconjo pwns you' plastering all around the screen.
Did that help? This is getting boring, try and crank up the originality just a tad could you please.

You have just been reviewed by

Oh, how I wish you weren't a liar.

But as your "confessions" have adequately proven that is not the case and so we keep having to deal with this terrible flash that passes because it's a gimmick and not for any real talent.

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2.85 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
9:25 PM EST
Comedy - Original