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well after CodeRedClock Shorts 3, i noticed a lot of people review saying they liked the Pube News segment, so i whipped up a movie for you, a new series! this will be made as often as possible. enjoy and review...ill respond to all!
Watch to the end...the credits are funny.
P.S. this isnt just some stupid PM movie..its got meaning lol.
pubemuppetbbs.cjb.net <~ PM BBS!!



Were some of the stories true?

What's not to love?

The dancing retard... Poking Pikachu's balls - I would love to do a LOT more than just poke his balls... such a sexy little electric rat. To top it off, at the end I hear a fantastic 8-bit song from what exactly I do not know.

I am a big fan of 8-bit music and would like to know exactly what this is from because that is quite a beautiful piece.

CodeRedClock responds:


Long Live the Pube Muppet

Totally taken in a different direction with good ol' Pube Muppet. Oh well Pube Muppet is still funny as hell. LMAO. Anyways you are a totally great flash artist. Keep up the good work.

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CodeRedClock responds:

lol =D


Sorry to say I didnt find this espescially funny... not a whole lot of poop gay and penis jokes to make me at least crack a smile. THOUGH, I did crack a smile when you showed the .gif of the dude swinging that one guy around over his head... that's a funny gif.

Then right after it showed a picture of it being Phil Donaheuy(sp?).
I guess that's enough to get a high rating from me ;)

CodeRedClock responds:

Donahue, and hes hot stuff


OMG I love PM and this is a great and NEW way to use this fine muppet.
Some other authors should help you to make these or should even make own PNN'S (with your authorization, of course) GREAT JOB DUDE!
All hail to the great Pube Muppet.


CodeRedClock responds:

PM is god isnt he. check out my other movies n review :)

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
11:36 AM EST
Comedy - Original