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OLD: Kid icarus' Bad day

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EDIT: Just Another Old movie....

At first i had an inspiration, then i lost it, a while later i got it back (how dumb) and in the making of the movie i lost it AGAin -_- so i just decided to end the movie as quick as i could.

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well, this may be very boring and especially the jokes that can cause you a total cringe!!!

this sucked! i hope your happy withh making fun of pit!

I laugh at everything, but this is an exception.

People can just laugh or smile in front of me and I'll crack up.
That really, was not funny.
The music fit, but it just lacked...
There are plenty of jokes saying "Where are all the bad guys?" and then they get hit with something. That item, the ? Bag was not even in the game.
Plus, potty jokes.
they're just not funny. Wow, the character says "I have to take a shit." please excuse me for not bursting in laughter. And the fart gas going back to him was old, cheesy, and plain unnecessary.
The getting stuck one was old, but I've seen a speed run of Kid Icarus, and the opening was wider. So it's your fault. Video games, unless they're a parody, should have the humor "It's funny 'cause it's true." Parodies are where you make fun of actual things, then go make crap up. This could be for any game. You could've made this Mario, or Zelda. If you choose a game to make an attempt at humor, make it RELATED TO THE GAME. Make fun of Pit's wings, or make a joke that he should've got sent a magic Uzi instead of a bow or something. There are no bows and arrows in Mario, and Link doesn't have wings.
2.5 jokes? The no monsters one, the stuck one, and the shit one? That's it?
Sure, I understand Flash is hard to make, but this looks like it took you 10 minutes.
This is a failure. I won't blam it, but I'll give it a 1.
Please respond to this and tell me what you think.

That was good!

I liked this one! It made me laugh! Keep up the good work!


so funny

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2.55 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2004
3:58 PM EST