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"crucify-me! Jesus"

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A great toy for christian kids! Learn about the agonizing final hours of Jesus' life & gain valuable knowledge of the bible & Jesus' teachings!

(1) yes some quotes were taken out of context, it's a game making fun of christianity what did you expect? and don't act like this is some big deal the baptists take shit out of context all the time, go pick on them.

(2) however the quotes are still in the bible and an infallible book as this should not have the problem of being interpreted incorrectly (hehe, either i took the quotes in context or the bible in full of fallicies and inacurate info... which would still make me right, yay!)

(3)i really appreciate all the comments and stuff, but don't you think that by now tom realised this game was on his site and that it just might not make any difference if you complain in order to get it removed?

(4) silly monkeys! oohh! ohh! ah! aahh! :P

I feel a great sense of joy reading all these reviews; I mean this movie hasn't been out for more than a year maybe and I musta pissed of thousands of people with a crappy little game that took up all of 3 hours of my day! You hateful little people are great!

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most of those quotes are metaphors taken out of context, but it's not like this is a theological review or whatever, this game is called "crucify-me jesus" after all

also - w00t 20 years later you are still reading comments!

Ppl really be getting offended at a game made in fucking 2000. I hate people as much as I hate Christians

im a christian and i thought this was dope


Funny, but a little too hateful for me, Atheists are today associated with the upmost cynicism, and I personally find that inaccurate, I don't have to be an ass since other people believe things I don't. Either way nice game, and unique idea.

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3.37 / 5.00

May 30, 2000
12:28 AM EDT