Lithuanian hello!

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Its my first movie with humor :}.Its very short.But please vote for me I
need your votes! just good !!! write me a letter because i am still looking for someone who has expierens with anime. I hope I will find a partner.


kaip lietuviuj

kaip lietuviuj dosiu 10 su 5

So that's how u do it in Lithuania...... :D lol

Well the concept it short but sweet. I gotta tell ya, i was expecting at first, something witty and "culturelle", u know like to tell people what it's like in Lithuania that way, but then when the girl was licking her lips, i knew this was going in a diferent way. I maybe thoight she was going to jumps over him across the table and start making out with him or something. lol, but I didn't quite think THAT was going to happen! it was fun........


Alittle weird, i mean you set the scene up nicely but you didnt really add much too it in terms of animation or humour. Ill give you that i thought that it was alittle funny though, but i dont believe that it was worthy of being the sole joke, maybe you should have had a joke that happened as a result of the action she took, but just ending it like that is alittle creepy to say the least. I thought that you did the character designs really well, and i think that the song was well chosen although i did think that it may have been over killed in terms of the quailty.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

You need to improve

After viewing this movie I was wondering where the humor mentioned in the authors notes were. I suppose I either didn't get the joke or it wasn't funny enough to elicit a giggle. One or the other.

Aside from that though, the graphics are pretty good. You should really try to draw hands on your characters though, as a well drawn hand can help a drawing dramatically and add a sense of professionalism to it. Also you need to work on your sound editing, there were moments when the womans mouth was moving but nothing was being spoken. I believe if you put your mind to it and work on these areas you can do much better in subsequent works.


Once again I am a bit lazy to sort points,so I give you 10,besides I'm not greedy.
About your movie,it could have reason,you could make something what turns her on.
They just sit,that doesn't make any sense.

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2004
11:13 AM EST
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