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(This was made a long time ago, the .fla was lost so it will never get an update with more anime, but its still a good watch.)

This is not a game, it's an interactive/informative flash that i made since some people are ignorant about what anime really is. If you already know about anime you should still check this out, you might learn something new.

Note: some of the things might be just personal preference such as the "dub vs. sub" or ratings. i understand diff people like diff things. dont let that bother you. :^)

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So sorry, but no.

ANIME rulez

GO ANIME.And i watch the more adult anime(Not porn).it has more drama and still has that i want to see more effect.I really love mecha (giant robot) anime it almost always has a good backstory and is very good.This flash is a great submission so people can learn more about anime

One correction needed.

On your part about dubbing, you said that the mouths are drawn to corespond to the Japanese voice actors words. Fact of the matter is, it's the opposite; The way they usually simply open and close in most animes is done specially so that it can be dubbed over by other languages.

Apart from that misleading part, I have to agree with the flash.

I just copied and editored someones review (Soz)

This thing you call anime... I have always thought as a more shameful way to damage your self then slicing your wrists. I mean it is so unbelievabley shameful.
You know why because I watched one then another then stopped because it was the same as the last one!!! What I'm trying to get at is that it's very very predictable.
And you put the wisdom of our british heritage to greatness!

1-L) People of all ages should not watch anime... because it will damage you for life have complex soap-opera-esque anime especially for the older age set.
1-R) OUR laws of socaism do not exist. Anime has its own way of trying to take over our world set of laws, which are displayed on various emo websites.

2-L) An occasional spelling errah her or ther, butt mainly extremely accurate.
2-R) I've met more than my fair share of voice actors at conventions... they are Extremly sucky... though a full of shit sometimes.

3-L) Some manga do have color, but most of them don't because their lazy assed left handed pages.
3-R) That's true, J, but that's why people open child abuse sites specializing in anime / manga material.

4-L) ...yeah, I can't argue with that. But (blank), that had more than decent subs.
4-R) This Flash was aimed toward real rape site fans...

5) Thank you so much and my number is 59838712

6-L) If you don't read, whatever... you just won't understand what the hell goes on.
6-R) DBZ is dead, along with our youth and brain cells after watching something so... "uggh"...
sfdsdd7d)d True, minus the weed part, and everyone knows the Street Fighter movies werde WAY better. (SF Alpha Generations all the way! WOO!)
8fsdfdsf)sdf sdAfll basic and / or hentai-related descriptions. And you don't need half a brain to know what "mecha" stands for.

...so really, Jordan, you don't know half of what you think you do.


+ Excellent music all around
+ DMC footage is always a plus
+ Easy-to-maneuver format
- Just slightly misinformed (but you did your best, so kudos)
- Not a full list of shit (We want more) (there are more than double of what you listed, but this is basically just an "Americanized" list)

Now I'm getting a wee bit tired of typing. A good guide, in the end, and I hope more can learn from it. Keep it up, dude!


wtf with the zombie on floor 8?

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Mar 6, 2004
10:42 AM EST