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TMNT 1 continued

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here is the first episode (redone) of the tmnt series that we are making. I dunno if there's going to be a next episode but it all depends on how eveyone likes this.

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That was great

I really liked this remake continued version from the last one you made. Graphics were great. The idea of the evil council meeting was genius. The ending was absolutely hilarious. Graphics were good and fit well. This was so funny. I thought they were going to be up splinter because he peeked his head out of no where. The guy is freaky looking. heh, anyway i'd like to see more of what you could do with this. Very good ideas.

Hahahahhaha TMNT

That was funny with the Turtle-Van bein' a cardboard box and Shredder being queer! What was up with the guests at that "evil council meeting"?

Mr. Peanut - How is this guy evil?

Ronald Mcdonald - Evil clown who makes kids FAT

Darth Vader - Villian in Star Wars

Foot Ninja - Enemy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Shredder - Villian in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Robot Ranger - The Barney Bunch's arch nemesis, the "Robot Rangers"!

Strange things are happening

First Shred updates his room in between episodes, there was only one actual foot guy at the meeting, the pizza Leo was eating crunched, when the foot guy was walking down the hallway it sounded like he was walking in mud, and there was two Raphs in the hideout scene. still funny as hell. The part with the cardboard box car cracks me up everytime, who did the voice for the "They're really hip" part? And Leo's begining v/o is funny as hell, really nice flash.
P.S: i cant believe you actually drew a hairy butt on a plaque in Shreds room *shudder*

well, I just reviewed the 1st one, so...

Might as well review this one too, no? Eh, it was alright. It holds promise, and that romantic song at the end was really funny, except I couldn't really tell what Leon's response to Shred's sudden enamoration was. I gave this one a lower sound quality score because I couldn't really understand what the evil guys were saying at that meeting. I had to put the volume all the way up on my computer just for that part, so you might wanna work on your sound quality if you're thinking of making episode 2.

As a kid, TMNT was fantastic...and with some work.

some of the graphics..mainly the outside scenes were excellent. Voices were just plain crap. I'd say...make another episode, but definately improve the graphics, the plot and the voices