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First off, this is an engine for the game. I abandoned it a month ago, now i un-abandoned it and stuff. REMEMBER, THIS IS AN ENGINE!!! and if ppl dont like this ill just ask wade to delete it. no biggie.

Second, plz review! I really want u all to review so i can make the ful game much better. Plus, i respond to all the reviews, so u have a reason to review.

Last, i hope u enjoy! Vote fairly!

(ps, rammer - killer part 3 wont be started for a while. im done iwth that series for now, and i have plans for rammer - fighter 2!)

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Pretty simple game but doesnt appear to be finished it had decent challenge value what with the massive amount of opposing characters in the game


Don't ask why I'm even reviewing, i found the game pretty entertaining. The suicidal Rammer made me lol, seriously. I do think you should finish this, it would've been quite fun. :P There being a lot of different enemies and all. The thing i could NOT understand, was why if i shot the hand with a dagger there it lowered my health? o_O Suicidal Rammer killed me the first time... :P

Great game.. It's old, but you can remake it. :)

Rammer responds:

you're reviewing because i'm so sexy. that's why. ):<

i did try to make this, and i even tried to remake it (to some success, but i got bored of it \: ), and well, i didn't really make this with flexibility in mind, so it always was a huge pain to make.

the dagger was there for you to look at the various stages of the portrait. like a hurt/heal dealio. i've always loved the Doom-esque portraits that showed damage, so maybe other people'd like to see the stages as he gets more and more damage.

heh, the suicidal rammer makes me cringe inside because of how horrible he's animated. i like the idea, though \:

i might remake it some day. you never know.

end was a little hard

Well this is nice, a little hard at the end even with your tips. Becuase there are so many bad guys at once. I wouldn't mind see a full length submission game for this. I think it would be fun.

Rammer responds:

yeah. too bad i lost interest in it. but now that i know actionscript a little better i can probably do a better job and stuff with the game if i ever get my interest back

That kicked

That was kick ass you should definetly make these the oly prblem is at the arena your overwhelmed by to many enemys and its like im possible to kill them all

Rammer responds:

i could kill them w/ out the heal tool. besides, read thru the reviews, and youll find i gave a tip to a guy on how to beat it

This very much reminded me of combat instinct

I love this game. The enemies are great, the way the character chages as you lose health is great, this whole thing is nearly perfect. Only a few things.
1. Background
2. Have a way to hide
3. Don't have so many enemies at once

Thats about it. Everything else about it is great. Don't listen to idiots like LuckyBasterd, they're just...idiots. And damn you. Whenever you say fps, I think you're saying frames per second. Oh well

Rammer responds:

well 2 of those thigns are "fixed" int he real game. i am too lazy to make it so u can hide....)': cry cry tear tear. also, at most therell be 3 enemies on screen.

one mroe thing (im not an uncle :P) im going to stop working on this game for a while to work on rammer - fighter 2! yay?