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A Message from Bush

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Author Comments

Hey gang. Here is a real submission of mine. If you have ever seen space ghost, or if you aren't Republican, this movie is for you. Enjoy...

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Simple, yet funny

This just goes to show that you dont need to put in 8 months of flash making to make a good, funny flash- i wish all simple flashes were this witty


It was funy, that's all I got to say.


Thats halariouse and I think you should do nmore dumbass songs with famouse people ceep'em comin there funny!!!!

Oh, shut up!

First off, for anyone to understand this, see the review below. Now, to you ass wipe. I don't know whose point of view your looking from, but ole Dubya has been little more than a damn bane on this country. There was no true justification for the Iraq war. They just made shit up that your buying to do it. If we went after every ruthless dictator in the world, we'd never be stopping the fighting. Saddam was not the worst, ass wipe. He was just targeted for reasons I, nor you, truly know. So stop being a republican drone and look up shit for yourself once in a while. And know, I'm not a liberal, but an independent and damn proud of it. And please don't try to use my costant use of foul language as any basis of an argument. It's been done to death and I can go into lawyer mode anytime. Besides, if your so pro Bush, why did you even come here in the first place? Just like all Republicans, full of reasons with no basis for rhyme. I'm done, PISS OFF!

Anti-American Bastards

It amazes me how Liberals insist on trying to destroy the image of a Conservative president and demand to revolt against anything good that he could do. Conservatives always back up the good of a president, Conservative or Liberal, but Liberals will only back up a Liberal president. You enjoy playing jokes and making fun of Goerge W. Bush, and the only thing he has done is helped this country. Liberal news says that we have not found weapons of mass destruction, we have, we have found many bio bombs. Another wonderful thing, we found Sadam, and are close to capturing Osama. These two men are completely evil and are not misunderstood, they are incredibly insane and should be treated as such. It is impossible to forgive a man ON EARTH truly for so much pain, suffering, and death. Liberals also say that our Soldiers are fighting for useless reasons, they knew what they were fighting for, they were fighting for the rights of Americans and for Earth in General, they are fighting for the right so that you people can still sit on your ass and be lazy and complain about anything that is Anti-Liberal. If you wish for Peace, Prepare for War.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2001
1:39 AM EDT