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The Escape - Rooftop

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Author Comments

this is a big file, so unless you have a really fast computer and a good internet connection, expect lag!!!!!
The Escape - Rooftop. A series of escapes that happen for a reason not known yet. Each Escape series will begin in a location. Events will happen, but you will not yet know why. The story will reveal itself more in every new Escape. NOTE* If you watch the whole thing, there are some extras in the end.

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Great Idea. Poorly Executed. The guy below me asked for a short review (perhaps he can't read very well) so i'll keep a short one. Needs Improvements.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

if the guy below asked you to push alt + f4.... would you do it?

my end is looking good. your end is the one in need of improvement


what kind of fag nerd writes that long of a response to anything? GET A LIFE.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:


I See Hope In Your Work

I hate to bear bad news or be veiwed as a hateful critic but I must say this did need much in improvement. Both in the motion sequence, as it needed more smooth flowing visual. Also in the artistic aspect, it seemed to have been poorly made artisticly, possibly not your fault. Yet still the inclusion of even real life images would have added some contrast or at least some varience in your artistic premise.

Also in theme I feel it was underdeveloped, I know you were going for a funny feel, yet being utterly completely random gives no signifigence, especilly when you don't know whats going on. This could be fix by even very simple methods such as having paused moments where you iniate words to come up on the screen describing something they say or do, much like a soliliquy.

It did show hard work, but sometimes hard work is not whats nescicary to achive a great review by the people. I remeber back once to an art contest that I had done some peices for and this one kid had done some spectaculer portrait drawing, had spent hours working into every detail and I knew the work and anguish that he put into that one glorious peice. When another student did a portrait drawing, it was poorly done, face was off, eyes were construed, yet they added a slight hint of red to the lips with a coloring pencil.

Who won you might ask, of course the obviouse answear is the one who added the color, now i don't mean to meander on about a whole bunch of useless nonsense you'll never read anyway but, it seems to me that to be more constructive with your artwork you need to work on the aspects that need it rather than to just work. It's the equivelint of digging a hole in the wrong area, you might be digging, but as long as your doing it feet away it means nothing.

I hope my answear has helped you see some faults that you might not have noticed before. Allthough it might just be a five keep in mind that is never has be that, you are the sculpter so do with the clay what you wish, sometimes that lightest of splatter on a canvas can evoke such emotion, with such simple a movement than you can do if you put that small but if momentum to the paint, remeber do not be downhearted but rather rejoyce at the fact that you can become better, that you unlike the mojority of the population who spends their time doing other things, you can focus your soul, your heart, and your mind on this one thing and make it shine. Whether it is comedy, romance, drama, or just plain is, express it and don't ever let a physicle, emotional, or spiritual boundry ever hold you back because remeber one thing if it's the only thing you remeber:

You set the boundry's, both physicly, and mentally. So there is no reson why you can't break them, and rise above for is it not the words of some great person in history who said that "Man is not made of flesh and bone, but of every thought and that he uses to sculpt it"

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Your kind words do warm the heart. I have been living in despair ever since I made my animations and realized absolutely nobody liked them.
I will put down my shovel and begin digging with my fingers and even feet.
No food or water until my next masterpiece


I loved it man, just the retardeness of it all had me laughing non stop please make more!!!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

More is on the way.

yep its offical

i agree this did suck no corection having to file down grandmas buions sucks this is just wrong they shoule play this in jail cells with criminals maybe they will kill them selves like i feel like doing gosh you suck!!!! and so do the graphics stop being lazy! it would have been better if the caracter died because the alternitave are beter than the actual thing!!!!!!!!!!! you should delete this now!!!!!!!!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Either way, I put more thought and effort into my animation than you did in this review. God forbid you didn't use complete sentences and spelled correctly. What kind of school are you attending where this is acceptable?
How would this make criminals kill themselves if I have yet to make one person who's watched it...well, more than one, that one person just had some previous mental problems and we found out this animation was not the major cause...kill themself. You didn't kill yourself, right?
Well, of course the alternatives are good. I saved best for last. So those who actually watched the whole thing, just like you did, got to see it. thanks :)
The purpose of this work was to show an adventure of teh infamous Stick MAN. The graphics I created are exactly what I intended them to look like for him and the movie. If they were otherwise, Stick MAN would not be Stick MAN, and this animation would have been dead, along with the rest of my animations.
No, I will not delete this now.
Instead, I will make more.

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2004
10:43 PM EST