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The Story of Techno Cat

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(O_o) Holy shit! First page!? Thanks for voting everyone!
Ok I've decided to make another part of this! Thanks to all of u!

As a hint for the next episode, TC will get a visit from a _very_ unexpected "guest"... U will NEVER be able to guess who mwahahaha! Hint: It's a person(?) we all fear... yeah, well watch the next one n u will c!

Wow, this went better than expected!
Thx for voting everyone! If you want, I could make more... write what u think in the reviews.

I don't now if there's any grammatical errors in this movie (I'm swedish), but if u find any, tell me.


i feel bad for the cat that got run over :,( but on the other hand, great detail, good music, and *looks at the daily 5th place* wha!? wh...why dafuq is the ONLY place on it the 5th!? it should be the 1st!

That's fun

Dude, the best I've seen!

I like it!
Dude, make more things please!
I'll give you 10 stars and favorited it.. ;D


Interesting, very abstract.

Very good, some people complained about the art, but personally I thought it was very well done, nothing to specific other then the story. That was really all it was about, the images were just place holders for you to go from there yourself.
Anyway, all that to say I liked it, worth my 1.5 voting power^^

once again really amazing

that was really amazing but it was kind of sorrowful when one of the kittens got run over , thats life i guess .

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Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2004
7:28 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place March 1, 2004