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Dragons Age

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Jeremy Koelmel here! I wish i lived in an era with magic and dragons and fantasy but i can't. So ill live it through this movie... Dragons are living peacefully untill they need to go to war or leave. The music is beautifull! So it may start off slow but trust me it gets fast half wat through. If you have any ideas or anything like that plz leave me a review and tell me. Enjoy! The song are by Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Linkon Park. Special help with the preloader and the guy on the preloader to Mattman723. Also PunkInDrublic666 helped me with the sound. Say hi to peeps at sage for me! (my game got blammed)





I have been looking all over the place to find someting about dragons (and most of them was about dragons killing people)
I woldent say the graphics was good, but I relly liked what the mole of the story.
so I say nothing else but, Terrific!

PS: I also love dragons and finding more info about them, If you need any info about it, ask me!

urapbad responds:

Thank you. My email is below in the responses to comments if you would like to send me information on dragons.

All my fiven are belong to dragons, and this...

I don't really care what people will say about this flash... I totally agree with the message your flash just said.

Final vote = 5 out of 5

ATTN: Anti-dragons...... FUCK OFF.

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urapbad responds:

Dragon warriors go!
To rid the world of anti-dragons and cool people whop prey on the "weak" nerds of dungeons and dragons.

I mean, yes I am totally for your cause.


This was very disappointing for me. The artistry could use some work and also the animation. There was no real story and it emphasizes mainly on violence. Try again.

urapbad responds:

In a world full of violence, fear and testosterone fills the mind. The government gains control, and creativity is halted to a state of panic. All becaus of films like these. Sorry world, BUT YOU WILL DIE! Next filmn with even more destructive violence, and this time a storyline, or is there?
(BTW next animation not going to come out in atleast a year)

IM a dragon.

this si so very true. as my username suggests, i am a dragonbot, posted on earth to see what you humans are doing. dragons dont fight unless provoked, as someone said befor me. plus, we dont look like that. not all of us, ima very comical like one with black and white stripes.
go dragonz!!

urapbad responds:

It's nice to know that I have a dragon on my side, and a black striped dragon sounds pretty damn sexy. Send me pix, I think I know the perfect dragon for you...


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2.93 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2004
3:25 PM EST
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