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The Swordsman

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This rug_doctors' "with a sword" series.


Stolen, ring a bell?

Why would you publish the rug doctor's work? Seriously? Sure, just a little bit tweaked, but this is still basically stolen.


I see potential

It's a potential work of art add eyes, and hair a little bit of color more background and some sound fxthen I'll credit you until then good shot keep trying though.


eh good work

some suggestions

I absolutly enjoy this on, the sword mens reminds my about my own work "Plumpers" (but these looks better.

Graphics (8): it was verry well animated, should maby get some more frames in their movements
but else perfeckt.

Sound (7): the sound was'nt bad but to get a 8
in sound you should make more soundeffeckts to the movie (like the foot steps etc. etc).
for a 9 you should have some music (like S.O.A.D, Offspring, Lag wagon ore something =)) and How te get a 10 by me u cudd use self made and diffrent sound to the same sort of thing.
like a "Swing1, swing2 and 3".

Interactivity (1): if i got this word rigth (Interactivity) i guess it was god that you used a preloader (i hope this was rigth)

Style (8):U keeped the style on your swordmen
but if they got mor colors and stuff they will get a 9. and if they got a face... i whould give u ten.

Violence (7): ahh My favurite category, i liked the violence in this one but some more guts and more blood and skin ripping and
brain substance it will be perfeckt
(violence 'Ooooh Yummie)

Humor (2): it maby dosnt was a comedy but i think its funny anyway... 'Why??
-yes because its so godam funny to see pointless violent movies, and i liked the way he bow in the End.
and if u wanna get a higher score in Humor you got to do more stupid jokes and suprising scenes and stuff

Overall (8): it was a well made movie a bit pointless but i liked it in that way.it was good and you made it intresting to see the other swordman movies... and a last tips...
More MOOSES!!!!!! =)

thx for me =) (yeah like i use to say after my reviews im swed, thats why i write all words wrong and shit).

Have some nice years!!! =)

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wallpaperman responds:

thanks for teh detailed review, i will have nice years!


very short and no point really but good job non the less and i have reviewed ur last samurai and i gave it a bad review i am apologizing for that :(

wallpaperman responds:


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Credits & Info

2.15 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2004
7:12 AM EST
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