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Well, here it is. The official alexsmolik soundboard. *fixed replay button*
Now you'll be totally packed and ready to make stupid prank phone calls to people, using my stupid french accent !
Now ain't that a bitch ?
Review it and tell me what I should add / change.
Enjoy ~

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Lol funny voice :D

Very cool 71 sounds... thats very original to do a soundboard of yourself (XD)
Good style :) and when you roll over the play button, there's something that appears, is that got any relation to the NG museum? haha anyway i liked the stop laughing the most :)

alexsmolik responds:

Haha, yeah, glad you liked it man. Well I thought that since every celebrity had their own soundboard, I might as well do mine, because I'm a celebrity... In my mind. And yeah, the "play" button was inspired by NG Museum... I wanted to try something out.
Thanks for the review.


Je savais pas kt'avais fait un soundboard mec !
Tu t'es bien gardé de me le dire... peut-etre n'avais-tu pas confiance en ta creation ^^
A quand une nouvelle creation d'Alexsmolik le magnifik ?

alexsmolik responds:

Hé wai, tu es censé regarder tous les films que j'ai fait dans la petite fenêtre. Et si, j'ai parfaitement confiance en MA création MOSIEUR.
Pour ce qui est de la prochaine ... ça va attendre lol.
Thanks for the review.


FRENCH: salut c'est thomas,
ptain mec Je pleur de rire!!! trop delire ce truc!
ca fait longtemps qu'on s'est pas parler mec...
laisse moi te dire j'ai vu toute tes animations elles sont trop orginales j'les aime toutes (en considerant quand tu les a faites)
keep it up biatch!

alexsmolik responds:

lol, merci mec.
C'est trop con mais bon, si les gens aiment. lol. Ouais ça fait longtemps qu'on se parle plus, t'es jamais sur MSN, et j'ai pas ton addresse, je sais pas c'est quoi et tout... Bref, tu peux tjrs m'ajouter à alexsmolikus@hotmail.com ! Allez mec, merci et a+
Thanks for the review

Very good

LOl thank you for talking to me lol i loved it thank you very much keep it up

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.
Hope you do some phone pranks too! You're fun lol. Thanks for the review.

hahah!!! hilarious!!

damn that was good... and there were SO MANY sounds!! geez... this is perfect stuff fora prank call dude... the cound qaulity is awesome, the statements are relevent to a phone call... and that voice is totally sleezy!! hahaha!!
and b.t.w... if that was your REAL voice.. i would be laughing at you!! hahahah... so anywayz, if i ever do a prank without my voice, il use this! lol... great work

alexsmolik responds:

Lol thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah, I manages to make loads of sounds ... And it's under 500kb! I inspired the voices from Arnold's and JackBlack's soundboards. Well, I guess you'd be laughing at me, 'cause it IS my real voice :(
Prank calls are always fun. The bad thing is that you have to pay for the communications but hey whatever.
Thanks for the review!

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Feb 26, 2004
7:32 PM EST
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