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Starfox 64: In a NutShell

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Author Comments

THIS IS NOT A RIP-OFF of the infamous "In A Nutshell" series with the high pitch speed voice. This movie was just named this because we couldn't think of anything else. Also, this movie contains SPOILERS so do not view unless you really want to know what happens. I'd like to thank PlatformerMastah for his great work on the audio!

*update... kinda*
WOW, I never thought this movie would get THAT popular lol. Again, I wish to thank PlatformerMastah because without him, this would NOT HAVE HAPPENED. It's his voice and his creativity at work combined with my flash lol. and oh yea... LUE FOREVER! And if you're wondering, my gfaqs name is the same as my author name, Light Chaos Moon!

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How long I tried to find this video! Finally (after 8 years since I first saw) I can watch it again! Any chance for me to download this file? Your video still makes me laugh a lot!
My congrats is in a 8 years delay but is sincere! Congratulations for the awesome random good work!!

don't you hate when people hate? lol, nice vid man

"I want some potato chips"

Me too. The animation and the voice were crappy but it was funny!

One more thing (yes, here it comes) ...


That is the most accurate description of slippy ever.


Do A Barrel Roll!!!