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mario all star adv 1

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All new story, All new adventure.
I hope you enjoy. spent alot of time on this.

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Nice flick

so this was a nice adventure here a nice flick and some really nice graphics here love the deep color and the music was nice too I do think removing the buttons and just letting it roll out like a movie, but regardless this was a fun interactive film you have here

as mentioned above


Wow, this was a forerunner for the "Power Star" series. I really had no idea this would be so epic. It didn't start that great at first. When the fights started, that's when it got awesome. I just love seeing the koopas with guns and swords. That's such a funny image!

You could add that music from "The Matrix Reloaded" to anything to make it cool. The movie wasn't great, but it did have that awesome music. I didn't like it how the title was all in lower case. It made it seem unprofessional. Still, that did make the quality more unexpected and better.

D-SuN responds:

It gets better in adv 2 and 3 when Scorpion from MK and Freiza from Dragon Ball enter the fray... hahah. What a crazy series haha, I haven't re watched them in a long time.

Just so you guys know it. Im making Mario All Star The Videogame! Goto my page for updates!

Was a good movie.

People who say this needs more action, its good the way it is! It had Tons of action!


But power star and this is to same but it's good!