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I hate to pull the YouTube card, but this really isn't NG material. I am in full support of non-flash videos here, but this was really pointless.
The only good part was the SOAD, but I can't give this a decent score just for that...


oh waw you took a bunch of in game stuf and made short movie outof it ,anney idiot can do that....

"Nothing Too New Or Interesting"

Oh come on now starting it off with granades is cheating man the only real way to do it is start with nothing find a club an beat the shit out of the cops! Do it right next time i was expecting some serious stuff the best thing u did was shoot on the end of the taxi. An you need to steal a tank somewere during the game to make it more "Interesting" Try to clean up the graphics next time also. And i read a review u answered saying tanks arnt fun to look at, It all depends on what the tanks doing bud!
Well if u make another 1 i hope u consider those ideas!

yeah, soo, youre point?

ive played the game too, its a cool game, whats your point? this movie is totally lame

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

does movies have to have point now-a-days, i just felt like recording some cool stuff i did and here it is, i dont give a shit wut you think

not much effort was put in it.

it was ok for awile then it just got old. the guy should keep doing more crazy things then jumping cars... alright

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2.30 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2004
12:57 PM EST