Soul Food Man

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A music video showing "Soul Food Man", features some of my charecters.


what the hell?...

this is so fucking pointless. which is what made it funny!
why does it say this is appropriate for all audiences? you say it's rated R. If you reply to this, i will go psycho/mental/ turn into a murderer.

Very good animation and graphics!!

Good song and hillarious!!
The mouthes seems to sync greatly to the song!
The sea creatures were very awesome!
I liked the most the part when he held the KFC box :O That was great!
F(its next to the G..)ood job!

A nice video

Some of the graphics were very artistic. Very nicely done.

not one of your best......

not one of your best but the graphics were good. you did a nice job on the faces. nice attempt.

Soul-ful and entertaining! Another great piece!

Man you've got some great skill with vectors. Your style boggles my mind everytime I see it!
Even though your animation is still rough, the drawings that you produce are perfect in their representation.
I'm again impressed by your work, and hope to see more in the future.

A prolific individual such as you is most assured to go far in this industry.
More power to you.

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3.38 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2004
12:33 PM EST
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