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S.A.M.V. p2: - Channel 53

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A voyage of self discovery... the promise of porn...

...These are the days of our lives.

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That was a great episode. Melvin is still my favorite character. I'm actually surprised at how heartwarming this was. It was nice to see these characters bonding. It still made me laugh. I'll never forget that poking holes in rubbers joke.

Now that's revenge. It does make me wonder why they didn't just set an alarm for 4am. Well, it's more fun this way. Liked the Dungeons and Dragons references. Still not as epic as Gravity Falls' infinity sided die.

Even better

This episode was hilarous for the fact that D&D was involved and a lot more funny phrases and scenes we're added,voice acting was great for their personalities and i enjoyed this episode,great job.


saw the dudes ass wth was that next dont do that


wow i'm stunned everything you mother f**kers think of is excellent

Heh Americans...

I don't know anyone like this in real life...

This whole geek concept Jason (Author), can you tell me, what is it all about? The only people like this I know are literally loners, such three people in the UK wouldn't hang out with each other, I don't think this nerd or dork social phenomenom exists over here.