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Cletus Brand Chocobos

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Author Comments

Ok.. This is Scott Ramsoomair's original creation "VG Cats" .. Im just the guy who liked it and animated it and such.. AND YES I DID ASK SCOTT FOR PERMISSION...

Red_Knight can burn in hell for all I care.. ENJOY THE FLASH <-- flamed for his abusive review

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it was really good

it was better than what i thought.

DrK2skater responds:

Thanks. I could have done a better job back then If I had actually spent more time with this project. It only took me a week to make, but unfortunately the poor voice acting made it unbearable. Even today I can't really stand the voice acting in this. But hey... what else was I suppose to think in 2004 with very limited resources? Granted I using Flash 5 back then too. I miss Flash 5 and its simpleness.

What's this song at the credit?

I don't even know what the title of that J-Rock song!

DrK2skater responds:

Fairy Fore - Jet

no matter how many times i watch

it seems to keep getting funnier and funnier, espcially Leo's expression.

Hilarious. But. . .

This would have been a perfect ten if "Jenny aka Gatto" wasn't such a bad voice actor. I know this is Newgrounds and you can't always be picky, but throughout the entire movie she either slurred her lines together or whispered when she was supposed to be shouting.

I'd be sending a link to this in a million e-mails if it wasn't for that. Hilarious, but she takes away from it.

DrK2skater responds:

Yes. You'll get your chance to send this link to a million emails when I remake it. I've worked up the appetite to start animating again. Stay tuned.


Your skill with animating is wonderful :3

But seriously, next time, find more enthusiastic voice actors.

The girl didn't do the comic much justice.

DrK2skater responds:

Thanks. I'll most likely do a remake of this with better animation and definitely better voice actors. It's been forever since I've done any animation ( as you can see this was released in 2004 ) and the best way for me to regain those skills back is to remake this one. Stay tuned.

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2004
8:02 PM EST