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Murakami Yasasuke, the famous Japanese cultural anthropologist, ascends Mount Fuji only to encounter a sinister undead menace. This is very funny if you think about it.


This is a crazy Japanese themed flash. The sound and music should be improved.

A star-studded cast in a bizarre story. The art was pretty mediocre, and the animation was almost-non existent as the characters were still images floating and rotating around. The sound was an Asian traditional piece that fit in with the story, but was only a 3 second loop. Could have tried harder with that. Hindenbjork made me chuckle a little though. Very average overall.

Not to sure what exactly I should make of this, the cutting dialogue was clear and very easy to read, the plot was fairly clear as some Japanese guy is planning to climb Mount Fuji and runs into a zombified Richard Nixon. The animations go along nice with the background.

The annoying short loop background beat got very annoying and there was hardly any point to the flash at all, the so-called action scene of the Japanese guy and Richard Nixon were quite awful and the flash in general was poor quality that looked like barely any effort had went into it. It could have used more well done characters or at least some decent background music to go along with it.

A decent film, the backgrounds were decently done but the background loop is very annoying and it looks like barely any effort was put into this less than enjoyable film. Nice effort anyway, I suppose.


this is probably what inspired animutation
we see a Samaria attacked by various celebrities
it was strange but i guess it was ok

151st sumbission!
In all serriosness though, it twas prtty fun.

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1.94 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2000
7:04 PM EDT
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