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Reviews for "Yasasuke-san"


Well this one was abit strange, and random, also abit much on the text, and somewhat random with all the jpegs, as for the art characters they seemed to float around haha, it was funny and made me laugh but not much more then that...


Riiiiiiiiiiight and that was?

What the fuck was that all this seemed to be was some stupid excuse to get some famous people and to make a terrible movie about them, it was not funny at all and if I think about it I still don't find it funny there's no humour whatsoever in this flash it was just pointless, the story you tried putting in was ridiculous and you soon realised there was no story and it was just yet another crappy, pointles flash movie.


I thought about it and I fail to see the humor in it still. The graphics could have used a little work and that drumming noise got a little annoying after awhile. And the whole thing was just confusing...

It was okay, at best

The graphics weren't half bad, but a lot more effort could've ben used. With no sound effects and true violence, it's hard to review this well. However, it was an okay attempt.

Some people might not have understood the humor.

I didn't know that T.S. Elliot had a mind beam...