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Welcome to The Beasties! The most recent and most technologically advanced cartoon of Nathaniel Jones to date.

If the audio doesn't match up to the video right, lower the quality setting on the video - the high number of layers causes it to slow down in some parts.


Personally, very well done.

That is how a typical horror movie is, ('cept usually more violence and someone usually dies), and yet there could have been voice acting.
One question i do have though: How could they have those beastie things if they were in the light? Oh well. Overall a nice little movie.

Great mini horror movie

Basically the entire plot of a typical 90+ minute horror movie packed into around 90 seconds. The musical score was particularly well selected, but the animation could stand some improvement (perspective, more realistic motion). Predictable and cliched, but in a fun way.


I can't believe someone else actually knows of the band YATTA! (Japanese for yay, for the unknowing)

haha... i like it.

Yeah, good stuff. Good imagination man. However you came up with this short story is beyond me. It had action, humor, fairly nice style of graphics, and most of all, it was damn original! Keep up the good work Nathaniel, Ima go watch ur other shit now!

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I honestly really liked the whole idea of this and everything. Original and kinda messed with my head. Great! But, a couple of things that bothered me: when he is walking along the brick wall it is sooo slow, speed it up. also if your friend just tried to attack you would u all of a sudden believe he was normal again and let him in your car? I know I wouldn't. And, if you were surrounded by beasties would you be able to fall asleep in your car? I think I would be wide awake and in tears. I just wish this was faster. But really, great job.

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3.28 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2004
4:55 AM EST
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