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A Valentine Short

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Hey! I haven't done anything in a while so I threw this together really quick about valentines. It's my first non-stick submission. Hopefully it doesnt suck too much.

Anyway, its just a really short little valentines day movie an how I feel about it as a Holiday...some of you may agree ....Hope you enjoy!

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Arc, the Herald Angels Sing

This flash is short and to the point. I've never had a problem with brutally short flashes but I think this seems to lack a real attempt at creativity in how the message is portrayed. I think something more clever could have been done to make the flash 3 times more enjoyable. No one will disagree with you that girls make no sense, so give them a different reason to watch this by making it a little more outrageous. And instead of ending it with "Girls make no sense" you could say "Girls Suck - and not in the good way."


Valentines day, bullshit excuse for a holiday...(well, there is the fact that you can easily get laid ^_^)

Short, but good

So what if it was short? It was very well done. Better short and sweet than long and boring.


Cute short flash about valentines day. Well, there's 3 types of ppl, those who love valentines, those who hate it, and those who don't care either way. Holidays are the same thing every year, you don't have to celebrate them if you don't want to. And when you research most of these holidays, you find out they are just silly traditions which ppl are brainwashed to celebrate (like x-mas or easter). Girls do make sense.... well maybe not to you. The problem is that guys sometimes go for girls who don't like them anyways and they get their hearts broken for it.


Funny and weird. 3/5