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Create A Sloth

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Create a Sloth of your very own! There are different skin tones, hair styles, clothing, and backgrounds. The combinations are very large. Not accepting any more submissions.

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Cute dress up game. That other game where you can torture Sloth made me very sad, but this one makes me feel a little better.

I really enjoyed the fact that you could turn of the music and that everything was based on a sidebar instead of the overused drag and drop that other old flashes would try, and only result in a bunch of screen clutter and potential lag. I need to re-watch The Goonies soon

Cool game

This was actually notbad kinda neat i liked the sloth so this was a wellmade game, maybe improve on the graphics and maybe ad a drag and drop method allthough this is an older game, This one here was notbad and pretty decent I could see a few polish points but other then that this was a solid game, these dress ups have always gave me an interest of fun and stuff to do on these kinds of games, you presented a fun element here and I was pleased to review this fun dress up type.

maybe improve on the graphics and maybe ad a drag and drop method allthough this is an older game


I liked this even if I'm not a sloth fan. Well, I loved "The Goonies". I appreciate the variety. I wonder how many people have done the final one. You know, with all the ones at the end. It doesn't go back to the beginning at the end.

You know, with the green skin and everything. The music was pretty good. I wasn't expecting the background to change. That really was quite colorful. This was a pretty good game.


Sloths are awesome!

Woot to ya!

I say u got 10/10 is there was a higher rate i would choos infinity. oh and my sloth is ready for a prom :D