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Target Pratice (clay)

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This is a clay about a sniper is bored and he starts to shoot things that are not his enemies just for fun, then god gets mad at him and kills him with cheese. Some voices are by -element- so i'm giving him credit i hope you enjoy this claymovie by me :)

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I have a few things to say.

First off, I don't believe that -Knox- saw this before making Sniper Time.

Second, I think this is better than Sniper Time.

Third, I don't understand some of your responses to reviews you get.


mmm... February 10, 2004

Reviewed by: MrGroon

Overall Score: 5

it was ok. but it was pretty budget.

Graphics: 7 Sound: 2 Interactivity: 0 Style: 5 Violence: 2 Humor: 5

-Mindgame-'s response:

so its pretty budget like your mother?


Well that's pretty much it.

Keep up the good work.

Mindgame responds:

Yea Dewude i said "Pretty Budget like your mother" becasue His MOM is BUDGET meaning it doesnt cost much to have sex with her making her a prostitute.

Oh yA KNOX didnt see my movie as u might have heard from the review he left me so w/e.

Guess what

me AGAIN(boy you must get sick of me) really nice i think better than most things on NG, and i wish i could give you a 999 for style!(but i cant)(so go fight with your reflection in the mirror)


Ok no offence but wtf is with everyone and cheese? Its getting pretty stupid now

Mindgame responds:

i dunno i just thought that it would be funny if the guy got killed by a giant wedge of cheese...how is that not entertainment.

not bad.

I thought it was funny.


making movies with real photoes are taking time... but it wasent good 4 that. And a little tips, get a new microphone, it sounds bad with all the sparkling in the background...

Mindgame responds:

lol, heres some tips buy me a microphone if ur so concerned and learn how to form senctances in english or else stfu