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kenya 2

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if you havent played maddness interactive and seen Kenya, then U mast view them before U see this.

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Nice madness

you cant go wrong with some added twists in a madness movie here I really liked the style here and there was some nice action in this one, you even have some decent story kind of story with this particular madness but overall I liked it so nice job here.

was kind of short would love to see more of a series with the character work here.


At first, I thought this was an official sequel. I do love that Madness music. It was too short. It was just a guy shooting the lion. This did make for an okay quick joke. What was wrong with Kenya?

It was a good cartoon. It would have made more sense to kill Foamy. Well, someone's probably already done that. It was okay. Your other stuff is obviously better.

hahahhahhahaha LION GOT PwN3D!

AHAHAHAHA come 2 kenya we got liooons best song ever

Is that a joke?

Serious question. Could you explain why you made this? I don't understand why you thought this would be entertaining to anyone.

i would like to note..

below me, anywhere someone says something simple like "not terrible, but not too funny either" gets a n unhelpful mark, but anyone who says something like "omfg this shit sucks donkeyballs" gets a positive mark.

anyway, to the flash. it wasnt TERRIBLE. but it also wasnt that funny. there was potential here. maybe you could have had more than 1 lion, or tiger. and have made it a great big free for all between madness guys and lions. then whoever comes out on top, gets to dance to their musics.

as it stands. its not very amusing. perhaps you could edit it, so that epic dramatic music plays while madness man shoots hte lion, then afterwards it plays the madness dance song.

5/10 cuz im a nice guy.

oh, and to all you trolls beneath me. try reading the guidelines for posting and reviews next time before you give it a zero and a rant. it cleary says "If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole."