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it's my baby, you can't hurt it

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Well this here was a decent looking game the graphics are nice and seems like you have put some time and enrgy into this, a lrger view screen might help here, but I do like the idea you have here and whats going on so a nice little game you have here.

a few extra items and a larger view screen.



Interesting short game. Very nice interactive menu to start with. It was put together quite nicely. The game itself probably would of been better in the background was animated instead of just a picture. Nice looking ships and other various objects. Some sound effects would of been nice, as they always improve on the overall gameplay. Keep up the good work.


Its ok

I cant get it to work but it looks all right

Interface needs a little touching up...

Needs some work, the interface IS a little messed up, and it'd be easier if you could just kind of drag things to your ship and stuff instead of buying and equipping.

Another thing, you also need to specify which things can be used on which bodies, I tried some stuff on the X body and it didnt work.. Is that a bug or was it on purpose?

Anyways, you're a great game creator, don't slack off!

h2hoe responds:

you can't just drag things out of the shop and equip, that'd be stealing :). everything shoulda worked on both bodies, maybe you were picking the wrong attachment point? i'm gonna revamp the interface for sure. thanks for the review.

EXTREME potential.

This game has the potential for being amazing, but it's far from finished. There's tons of room for improvement. For one, the interface needs to be streamlined and easier to use. The fighting needs improvement. There's not even a life gauge for your ship or anything tracking weapon use (equipping weapons shouldn't have required me reading your description). The controls are a little clunky, but this game CAN be awsome. It's just gonna take some work. So far, so good. ~ Sam X

h2hoe responds:

you're right about the interface. there is a life gauge that appears for a second underneath the ship when you get hit but i'll move that to the sidebar with all other gauges i'm planning to have. this game WILL be awesome :). thanks for the review.

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3.55 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
11:02 PM EST
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