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küssen der frauen

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moon patrol orgy.


i had to watch this just because...

i had to watch this just because the persons review before me said that it froze on one lesbian feeling up another lesbians "huge breast" wait... "tit" sorry "tit". but honestly that was pretty gay it was just a bunch of pics of 2 chicks makin out and it kept repeating at fuckin light-speed... for crying out loud slow it the fuck down. and have it stop when finished not keep goin around in fucking loops...mg

NICE......i think?

i right clicked and pressed play during the movie and it stoped on two girl an one of them had their hand on the other's tit which was huge Y do alot of lesbian have huge breast?


Next time do it slow mod3!

nazibomb responds:

i prefer to tease you.


Lesbisn are yummy..mmm...i fi were a chick..id mak eout with chicks...and id alos have boobs..god id be a hot lesbian..haha loved the movie dude...lesbians always seem to look goo dkissing..i urge all you lesbisn to email me and doctorstrangelove with pic sof you kissing oteh rchicks..because..he is god..and i fallow him..hahah you should all vote 10 and watch the damned movie..youll love it..i urge people who are against gay marriage to no tthough..beacuae..youde just hate it an dvote 0...and thatd make you sexist..

nazibomb responds:

lesbians, sirdemos, and voting 5 are godly. <3

Ummm no

A bunch of pics of lesbos with a hat dancing in front of em....

Don't worry the men in white coats are coming to take you away

And the men in front of keyboards have come to blam you...

nazibomb responds:

oh man i think i've said this ten thousand times... voting 0 on a movie is not 'blamming it', it's voting 0. a movie is only blammed when it is erased from the site. i have already passed judgement with this. arggh.

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Credits & Info

1.59 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
3:21 AM EST
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