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Art of War DX

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Guide to Art of War:
1st building (sniper tower): You need to keep this intact to be able to shoot.
3rd building (anti-air): Destroys enemy aircraft, you need about 10 to see results.
4th building (money plant): Increases your money, the more plants the more money.
5th building (tech center):
20.000$ upgrade doubles your sniper efficiency.
10.000$ upgrade sends a bomber to the battlefield.
5.000$ upgrade sends a bomber with a gas bomb.
Helicopter: Press the orange box for money. The more helicopters the more money.
All buildings will be repaired for money when you click them.
The game is over when an enemy crosses the screen.
Tanks ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE, the regular sniper needs 50 shots while the upgraded only needs 25.

The Deluxe version features:
All the units from the first: 2 types of infantry, tanks, special ops, agents, planes, bombs etc.
5 different buildings
All new graphics by Minotaur
Voices by Julia Nardin and Chris Zambelis a.k.a. SeiyruRenaih

Play as a sniper and defend your country! You will receive a final rating at the end. Depending on how good you were, the rating will change. If an enemy soldier reaches the other side of the screen the game's over.


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Notbad of a game

So there was a lot going on in this game and a lot of detail this is one of those kinds of games you can ad some "MEDALS" but anyways good game nice shooting and very active game I had some fun with it, Have to rework the "BUNKER" and allow for more use of money but it was still kind of fun.

I mentioned a few things you could work on especially with money and bunker and medals.


near perfect save for the lack of a pause button hence the four stars

come on guys its good

Do-able but very long

The game is a good start to see it continue to something better in the future, but the game itself is abit grueling and requires much patience on the player themselves.

For those who is willing to give it a try, this game is do-able and your base is capable of becoming self-sufficient, needing very little on your efforts. After much hard work and persistence, you can really then sit on your ________. Here's a little "overview/tips" in trying to become self-sustaining:

(This is being typed while still "playing"/ letting it run itself [time - approx. 4 hrs of playing and counting)

- Okay, it's of most important to advance both money sources; primarily your heli (Plant used as secondary income). Plant goes up 5 income per few seconds while heli increases 1000 per drop. Keep increasing heli almost at all cost. When the enemy's wave is becoming too much, switch and upgrade bunker, until you are able to hold the wave again, then switch back.

- Sniper Efficiency upgrade :
It's okay, may be purchased at anytime you deem ready. Helps holding off tanks, but not necessary. Suggest to purchase when your bunker level reaches the 90s.

- Air Support (Gas and Bombing run) : -=*NEVER EVER EVER CALL IN AIR SUPPORT, EVER!*=-
This must be used as an extremely last resort only and the enemies are borderline of breaking through. Calling air support has a great short term effect (pushing the enemy back) but extremely crippling long term effect. It may stop the enemy at the time, but the enemy wave consistently strength rapidly which cause you to use air support again continually until it's a main lifeline. It costs alot of money and will dry you very quickly. *Use it only after your base has become self-sufficient*

- AA gun : Just forget it exists, right from the beginning.
The aa gun is the very very last thing you ever want to upgrade, ever. It does it's job at holding enemy air at lvl 10 but in doing so, you are using valuable resources that you need for the bunker, heli, or plant. It's nice to have, but you gain resources from time, and tougher enemies appear in very limited time. Keep it alive as it's a shield for the rest of the base (enemies must destroy this before they can hurt anything behind it; NOTE: enemies will still advance even if AA gun is still intact; don't let them reach the other side of the screen)

- The bunker is completely inefficient and will not be any help what so ever in the beginning. Here's an overview of it's efficiency:
0-20 lvl :
Completely and 100% useless

21-49 lvl :
Extremely useless, capable of very little assistance (kills 1-2 guys, unable to stop heavy inf. and tank)

50-89 lvl :
Somewhat useful, capable of stopping most reg. inf. and 1 heavy inf. (Unreliable against tanks)

90-130 lvl :
Semi-sufficient, capable of holding the line (kills almost every reg. inf.; just focus on spec. ops [they run too fast for the guns] and tanks; 1-2 heavy inf. may get pass the line)

141-217 (current lvl) lvl :
Pretty self-sufficient; holds the line against all threats even tanks (This is the area your aiming for your base to become self-sufficient; you no longer need to shoot anymore. Everything is killed from your bunker. The only work you need to do is repair your bunker and AA gun once in a while)

Overall, you will be doing alot and most of the work. Just continue to upgrade your heli and plant. Trust the bunker's strength (Estimation bunker strength above), clean up the ones it misses and can't kill at the moment and continue to make it make the enemy's wave strength.

(Game still running; going to end game. Time elapsed - approx. 5 hrs. and 47 mins. Base status:
Funds : 160,000+ (Quickly averaging in 4-5 seconds)
Bunker : 339 lvl (Repair only)
AA Gun : 11 lvl (Repair only)
Tech Center : Constructed; Sniper Efficiency upgrade purchased; Air Support scarcely used; (Never damaged)
Helicopter : 49 lvl (Rarely maintained)
Money Plant : 55 lvl (Never damaged; Stopped upgrading once reached income of 200/few seconds)

:( Poop

All you do is shoot out of tower it gets boring real quick and what are you supposed to do with the money. Bunker = Useless

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3.12 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2004
11:04 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 8, 2004