How Would You Feel??

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My skills have improved since I first started animating here on newgrounds. This is a flash that I made in September of last year. Many people liked the short but yet it had its mistakes. I took the time to fix all the mistakes and make this short the best it could be. I hope you guys enjoy the newly improved version, and I sure do hope you guy's will leave reviews as well. Thanks :)

Another thing is:
This is just a joke to make you guys laugh... I have got nothing against sprite animators. Everyone is free to use whatever they want to animate. Hell! I used a sprite in this movie didn't I?



Well this was pretty epic I love the "MUSIC" and it was kind of sad at the same time but you presented some nice characters and some nice animations and a sort of story here but it was colorfull and entertaining, good stuff all the way even as old as it is.

I would like to see some "VOICES" and dialog in that sense instead of the bubbles.


Good message.

This includes a very funny, but effective message in this.
I really wish you had compressed the music though, that long of wait for this short of flash?
I bet that dial-upers are wishing they could reach through the screen and grab you by the throat because of the way youre punishing them... haha. Anywho, it's good, I liked it, nice job!

Good point

But you used sprites to do it. Ironic maybe?
Pic of guy was good though. Only good part bout movie.

J-Smooth responds:

Ironic indeed
u must use sprite to show the true sadness they feel

Decent Video, You put up a good Point

The video was meaningful, however, biased. I enjoy sprite animations, but of course, not all. This is the same with sticks, clocks, 3D attempts, and any other forms of animation that are butchered by would-be animators. You did a wonderful job, the text speed is much more readable than most other formats. On a side note, what's with the:


Was that intentional to have the double-meaning of having the viewer to both have the option to replay the movie, as well as encourage him/her to reply with a review? I look forward to seeing more of your work, I always love watching animations from people I'm on the same wavelength with.

J-Smooth responds:

Thanks for the review Ryan4Ever

I appreciate the positive overall 9 and I'm really glad you like the flash. Be on the look out for my new movie "Recollection" that will be comming out soon. (Hard to work on it right now but it will contain some more humour for those who like my humour.)

About the Replay buttons Hehe I just felt like button the Y on the bottom cuase it looked more meaningful hehe Im not sure.

Once again, Thanks :)


Good messege

And kinda funny. I really wish you had compressed the music though. Damn dial-up made it take forever. There were some problems with it. But all in all, it was pretty good.

J-Smooth responds:

I wish I knew how to compress the music. All i do is uncheck import .mp3 quiality. I thought taht was compression :\ I guess not. Well thanks for the review :)

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3.76 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2004
6:02 AM EST
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