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Here's a handy tutorial that covers masking individual objects.It is best that you have some knowledge of flash but I have explained things step by step. Also don't bother watching this if you aren't interested in flash and don't vote without watching. I'd like to hear any suggestions and comments you have. If this is well received, I have ideas for other more complex tutorials.Please vote and leave a review!

~ Fargate


Nice tutorial

Well here was a nice tutorial and these are always great to show some things and people can learn from them, I think you could have done a little better on these though as the view screen was kind of small why not make it "LARGER" that way you can much more in the screen, and even adding some music would be huge on this.

Adding some music would be a big plus here, and a much larger view screen aswell.


Another quality tutorial

Well, I've been using Flash for a while now but I suddenly rrealised I don't actually know masking!
So, I quickly searched NG for a masking tutorial and found this.
I just have to say how great this tutorial was.
I now know exactly what I'm doing and it only took a couple of minutes ( if that) to learn!
If you don't know masking, you do now!

It's good.

I really don't use flash at all (I have a free trial of MX2004) and I don't know how to use it that good. The tutorial was easy to follow, but I got lost at the end. When I right-clicked on the first frame of "actions" there was no "Action" option. Maybe I am just doing something wrong...

Good job anyways.

its not a movie,its a game.

Pretty good,i havnt seen a tutorial on this topic before.Simple and easy to learn too.

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its k

most tutorials suck, but this one is an exception to the stereotype.

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Jan 31, 2004
5:30 PM EST
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