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Author Comments

OK I threw this together for no reason, the end clan is one I made up out of my head, If I have offended anyone's clan let me know...otherwise.,,enjoy the show!

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can't dodge this!

its like something that would appear in a SNES game. you need animations... that matrix dodge wasn't reallly a matrix dodge, it was like some CT affected by lag.

What the gushing hampster masturbation was that!?

ok, if you just decided to put a sorry ass movie on newgrounds because your gay then you arn't worth the factory price of the gas compound you're breathing right now. throwing knives? why would the terrorists take a CT officer captive with two MAC-10s on him in plain sight!? why would they even take him captive?

Noriyaki responds:

please get your facts straight- those were TMP's NOT MAC-10's, and are you so stupid that you can't just take a flash movie as FUN? -- so you want a realistic Flash movie? ahh ok. STFU

not bad

this isn't to bad but you didn't do the graphics yourself so ill give it a 3


Well anyone could have done that but u did it well so i gave u high in style but since nothing was really ur own everything else went down.

Actually not that bad

I'm impressed by the fact that this has such gobs and gobs of style - even if within the constraints of that style the movie loses a lot in terms of what can be animated etc. I had to dock some points for the sound owing to the fact that it sunc up so terrrrrribly... Unfortunately it looks like you need a monstro graphics card (like one you'd use to play Counter strike or Quake 3 or that other happy horse shit) with some good 2d performence to play this properly. Perhaps it'd be good to have a toggle-able quality in the movie rather than having to right-click and change it?

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2001
12:15 AM EDT