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Real Estate Commercial

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A Commercial for A-1 Real Estate ....those racist MoFo's !!!!

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i like they disclaimer

Its amazing how long you been doing this gig

An amusing toon

So I did not find it racist one bit infact I found this one to be entertaining even if this was a very short toon, the art was notbad the characters were decent, the voices were not half bad and you presented a funny joke aswell so in all reality this was an amusing piece.

Could be longer maybe take it into other scenes maybe walk thru the black families home im sure more humor can be found in scenes like that.


I really like borderline disturbing jagged lined rotoscopic renderings and plan to steal your cartoon style. You should have just had them talk dumb like have the guy say like hey i like farts and the couple be like we would like to partake in farting with you or something didnèt have to be much. I had no idea what was going on.

all I have to say as someone who is against racism

I got it, I knew it wasn't racist, which made it hilarious as hell. Also all you people who think it is racist need to calm the fuck down.