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just a small project. basicly just bunch of cool fights i put together.


U Scorpion On Mario World? He On MK (Mortal Kombat)

Wow... so old @_@

Watching these old works of yours is at the same time embarrassing and inspiring. How old were you when you made this? Uh... (looks at profile) 13-14? Yeah, that sounds about right. This is very juvenile, and it has not aged well. The music is obnoxious and doesn't fit well, the concept was not delivered upon very well, but here we start to see the first few glimmers of the awesomeness that is Power Star. That's the inspiring part - that you came from, well, crap like this to deliver such grand things. I congratulate you on outdoing yourself with each further step. I can't wait for your next game!

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lol didnt any one notice?

at the end it says "From that moment on scorpion was suck in the underground forever."
^.^ your later movies got way better i congratulate you for your progress.

that was cool and starnge

scorpion won in the end but where the hell bowser get those move from and why cant he do that to mario but it was still good

Pointless but cool

The action was cool, but your Bowser is a midget.

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3.31 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2004
3:52 AM EST
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