xtra Blam Movie - Torched

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I was bored with the laser blam movie..
So i made this

Maybe as an alternative blam movie?
That you either get to see the laser or this one?

All comments welcome! (well, exception to racisme and hatred)

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Yeah this would have made for a better "BLAM" clip or movie however you want to call it, but this was nice really good music and very boom and blam out there making it a fun game, would have loved to see more to this.

Would have liked to see you stretch this out even more with more visuals and such.


not bad some problams

im sure u know abotu the grammar no biggie u can fix thta the music thoguth whne it loops it really kills the whole mood overall not too bad if u wnat to get it into a second blam movie send it to the fulps good luck

It was pretty tight except for the soundtrack.

Dude that flash like totally rocked'n'stuff. But you need to pick a better soundtrack! Plus the gap in the loop made my brain bleed.

Not bad

Better than the original one, at least. But, in additiuon to the previous reviewer, it should have an apostrophe in 'elses' asd the work belongs to someone else.

"You torched somebody else's hard work."

"you just torched somebody else his hard work"

Just thought I'd point out the error in the quote above... incase you speak some foreign language or something... you never know...

"You just torched somebody elses hard work"

Imahilus responds:

Im dutch, yes
Though the sentence, grammer wise, is correct
else's is an abreviation
his just links back to 'somebody else'
But even besides that..
Is newgrounds full of correct grammer?
even the message posting secret shows: 'somebody sez:'
But ive heard it before, and i really dont mind changing that line.. but i havent heard anything better >.<

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2004
5:47 PM EST
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