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ADl doesnt try to be somthing its not.
I took an old movie a did that was sloopy. gave it depth. addied meaning and viola. ADL material.



Well this was interesting some decent animation in here and the music was pretty fitting with the actual animation, you also have lots of variations in here aswell. a good educational flash aswell so nice job here.

Some more use of color would be a plus.


Interesting commentary sir

The movie was well done, it had a message and a meaning. The animation was great, it looked like you traced over video, none the less thats still time consuming, the song is great too. Overral great flash, I could see why schools shouldn't have the ability to decide how to spend the money, when it comes to them paying off their car bill

Society doesn't know what to do with kids. "Let's intern them while numbing their brain with the superficial and trivial!" Sadly, that is life for most people, but this isn't working for many.

Even though this doesn't pertain to you, I'll rant anway. The system is rapidly failing in the United States. Kids are dropping out at an astounding rate, especially minority boys.

Some scholars, notably Christina Hoff Sommers, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, charge that misguided feminism is what's been hurting boys. In the 1990s, she says, girls were making strong, steady progress toward parity in schools, but feminist educators portrayed them as disadvantaged and lavished them with support and attention. Boys, meanwhile, whose rates of achievement had begun to falter, were ignored and their problems allowed to fester. Now the "boy brain" isn't wired to modern curricula as closely as the "girl brain".

Education in America needs radical and far-reaching reform. In my opinion, public education needs to slowly integrate Sudbury model school doctrines. The equivalency of a High School graduaton is a forgone conclusion in those schools. Those who go to the aforementioned Sudbury model schools also have a higher college graduation rate than those with a standard education, in fact 80% graduate.

Its funny

I like lookign at your older work comapred to your newer stuff you've improved so much. Still love ya!

Now you just aren't trying...

Come on! The elevator episode and the screensaver one were good! I've seen all the ones up till 5 and I'm seriously wondering if I should finish the rest. What was the point of that little thing? Save soccer? Why is it in danger if 9 out of 10 have a soccer team? That's 90%!!!! If anything save Track and Field. It is the only sport non-violent fat people can play! When was the last time you saw a movie about Track and Field anyways? Viva la Track and Field!

It sends out a good messege... I like it.

But I noticed all the animation in there probibly wasnt yours... you can see that by comparing everything in there with the part when the kid says Why not? It good and clean .. and I like that. Good job

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Jan 23, 2004
11:13 PM EST
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