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***The Personal Bush***

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Author Comments

This took me and my partner (SonicDeathBanana) 30 minutes to make. Anyhow, we felt this needed to be released soon since Bush's union address was made not too long ago. Therefore, havoc must happen. This makes fun of Bush when he was capturing Saddam... which isn't too long ago.

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MMMMM barbeque..... lol that was funny keep it iup!!


That was great!Funny as hell.Keep up the good work!This was awsome!

AMEN Cybrix!

I may be a conservative, but if I was a leftist at all I would say this sucked!

This wasn't funny. Do you have any knowledge in politics?

Sorry this is poo-poo.

Ryanitto responds:

*Yawn* No one likes you.

Why the fuck can't I vote negative digits?

It's sad just how stupid EVERY bush basher is. From "Bush is a monkey" pics, to made up shit like this, members of the Democratic party (or any Bush basher for that matter) are proving themselves to be dumbasses on an hourly basis. You have no reason to bash him, he isn't really doing that bad of a job. Consider this next time you bash Bush, YOU are one of the Democratic tools who helped Clinton get into office! Yeah, you remember Clinton right? You know the guy who you all seem to want to forget so much? You know, sex scandals, selling weapons technologies to China (which is treason BTW), didn't get impeached because he threatened to have everyone's (read: everyone who were going to have him impeached) FBI files published in Rolling Stone, etc. That guy? Well, guess what, YOU voted for him! So don't go bashing Bush when you voted a traitor, a pervert, and a black-mailer into office! One more thing, for those of you who bash Bush because of the War on Iraq, where were you when Clinton attacked Iraq? He never got bashed, and he did a much worse job than Bush did! And would it really have been better if Gore were elected president? Would you rather have a Commander and Chief that paid people to eat Bush's ballots (read: cheat to win the election)? When I see shit like this, this saying always comes to mind "When you have the facts, you pound on the facts. When you have reason, you pound on reason. When you don't have anything, you pound on the table."

As an animation - CRAP

Yeah - as an animation it was completely CRAP!

As a political statement - pretty fuckin' LAME, but not as lame as 'dubya' himself!

Not very entertaining (The animation AND the President)