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Zim Disguise-A-Tron

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This is the first thing I've ever really done in flash. I am aware that it's probably a bit bigger than neccessary by the way. I would also like to mention that I drew everything myself from scratch, no cheating using "trace bitmap"

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A fun dress up

A fun dress up game you have here this one is very simple but still stylish and i like the "MUSIC" you should have the music "LOOP" so that it keeps going and or some music choices, and ofcourse this needs more props and gadgets.

Some animated items would work great with this dress-up. maybe a few blinking stuff or changing of colored stuff, or even some glowing items, just something that gives it more of that unique touch, But adding more items and props so the user can create more creative designs with the dressup game.


Graphics are very good, especially when this game was created back in 2004. The music is good, but it should last longer. Having more item choices would be a great idea.

hmmm..........-clicks my robobag- AAAAAGH!!! ITS MADNESS!!!!! -falls out of chair-

"its a fez. Fezs are cool" ~ DW <3

.f.ffillidsalial filthy humans!