Residence Light And Dark

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That sucked

the only thing that showed was that your good at making shadows pass by on a flash vid. One of the biggest wastes of time ive seen...


I see that you were bored with a few minutes on your hands.

Sorry dude this sucked.........

well the graphics where cool but what was that?

Here's the reason I put a 10 on your movie

MilesTheGreat Sucks, he says on his profile about nothing but BLAMING, what the crap is his freakin problem, he hasn't made any flash, heck he never made any music neither, I haven't as well, but i'm only a teen, a great behaving one (the goodest in my school), oh and go look up his reviews Nathan Shepherd, he is a big racist (really don't like him, i'm against racist people), and a murdeer wannabe (as in wanted someone killed, don't think he did that yet), i'm not sure how to complain to Newgrounds (a wonderful flash hosting site!!!!! {really mean it, no lie}) but maybe you can complain.

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Aghh responds:

your a good person mate, safe.

i've tried complaining to wade and wot not, and never had a reply, so i geuss they dont care, but its true, he is a sad old man with nothing better to do.

doesnt have a purpose but lighting effects

but i guess thats the point :p good graphics tho

Aghh responds:

thanks for the review, i think 8)

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1.65 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2004
3:16 PM EST
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