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Anime Club Intro

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Author Comments

Please read!

I had a bunch of commentary, but it got deleted (TWICE!) somehow, so I'll condense it;
->This is a Flash intro for my school's anime club's website!
->It stars caricatures of the members!
->I'm the one with swirly glasses, if you cared.
->Tons of anime and culture references for the nerds.
->If you review, please be good. Help me improve rather than submit lovely "WTF!!!!1"s, please.
->My next project will probably be a Fatal Frame parody.
->This animation took me about a week, mostly working at night.
->NOTHING is traced, except for the background in the Evangelion parody scene.
->It's SUPPOSED to be stupid, cute, annoying, and Japanese, just because it's funny to the members, and only the anime type people would really find this amusing at all.



The song was loud, I had to turn down my speakers. The girls singing were almost piercing. x.x;; Also, you sort of painted over most of your pictures, since I have the majority of those wallpapers, and you sort of made Shinji into a girl.. that was creepy. XD
It was fun, don't get me wrong. I'm just pointing out what I saw. :( I don't mean to be rude. I'm sorry. Try out something original, or maybe do a fun little skit with the characters you like. ^_^ I know you can! You're already well on your way as it is. :3 Keep at it okay? ^_^

Funny but...

what exactly is it supposed to be?

no seriously WTF did i just watch?

okay first off the bat, your anime design was original, so you get the Creativity Award of MSPAINT,

second, your caricatures are all rabid anime fans, the kind i despise... minus points

your song choice, well to be like simon "I think it was pathetic" loss of points there...

the fact the slides are almost what you might do in the club, such as play with trigun action figures, plus for accuracy...

but you lose ashellofalot of points, for using Japanese Characters, JUST BECAUSE ANIME IS FROM JAPAN!

i hate people who wish they are japanese, because of anime, fun fact: almost 6 decades ago, they were are worst enemies, and they bombed pearl harbor, if you can't remember that far ago, The Chinpokomon episode of South Park is Actuate to how anime fans are.

i love imported goods from japan, w00p for that, just don't shove it down my thought like we are now in "Happy American USA"


I'm a HUGE anime fan (not like "OMGZ! I've seen every episode of Inu Yasha, Zatch Bell, and DBZ! I'm the biggest anime fan ever!", I have seen A LOT of anime. Anyone like Ai no Kusabi? xD), and I didn't find that funny. Surprizingly, I found it quite offensive. >.< It sounds like they way my "friends" would pretend to like anime, speak japanese (which I do) and make fun of me, that's what. But either than that, your katakana* was very well done.

*for those who don't know, Katakana is a way of writing english words like "toire" or "resutoran" in Japanese.

*chuckle* I liked it!

I voted 5 because it was hilarious and Japanese! Come on, what more do you really need?

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Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2004
3:11 PM EST
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