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Strategy Guide Ep. 3

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Welcome to Strategy Guide, hosted by everyone's favorite intergalactic space alien Guido, and his pet cow Jorge! This month, Guido is joined by his sister Nadia as they take a romp through what is possibly the cutest game of all time.

Special guest voice by none other than NG's very own, the infamous Nephthys!

Make sure watch until you see the Replay button, or you may miss something!

Please note, if you're going to leave a review, don't compare your gaming skills to Guido's. There's nothing more pathetic than being proud of being better at gaming than a fictional character. :)

And now, for those interested, the Ep. 3 FAQ:

Q: How do you get the good ending?

A: In level 99, you need to collect the crystal ball that appears. After that, a door will appear on the other side of the level. Go in the door to find the secret path! When you defeat the final enemy, make sure you have two players activated, and you should receive the good ending.

Q: How many brothers and sisters does Guido have anyway?!

A: Please go view Episode 2, as they are all listed off! They all have different personalities, and I plan on using every damned one of them sooner or later.

Q: What is Guido's spaceship called?

A: Its official name is "The Ninth Bit". It was inspired from the design of the Einhander, a shooter tby Squaresoft released for the PSX.

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Strategy Guide Ep. 3 is the third episode in this comedy series. Animation was flowed well, and looked crisp. Keep the comedy coming.


why does guido always wear boxers insted of panths and stuf

Very welldone

This is very welldone from the good voicing and very smooth animation, i was impressed with this from the start, so very welldone

Not much here it was brilliant

Good flash here verywelldone


Isee no nudity..

Either I'm blind or I really see no nudity.
Neverheless,Funny as hell..
Interactivity:He's reviewing a videogame for Christ's sake..
Violence:Old videogaming.The days before the strict rating system.Boy,those were the days.

Can't wait until part 5


Haha, it seems like ages ago that I did Nadia's voice for this movie.

WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE, HUH? And come to think of it, where the hell are you anyway?

lol anyway

<3 from Nephthys